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Transformers empowered

nextworkx is a business development framework for companies and freelancers, which provide innovative
business transformation solutions. 
Our members cover a wide range of topics, ranging from agile and new way of working over SaaS systems for intrapreneurship and best-practice management to technical project services and managing the energy transition. 

We provide …

Peer-Sparring & Partnerships

Joint Infrastructure (Systems & Location)

Business Development Know-How and Services

Access to extensive Client Network

Our current members

Capexpro provides independent project support and verification for investment projects. It is a partner for owners & investors, without potential conflicts of interest with engineering or project management services. As an “extended workbench” on-site it relieves project teams from bureaucracy, creates full cost transparency and thereby drives efficiency of large investment projects and portfolios.

Consistency’s core competency lies in the combination of agile methods and stable solutions for challenging management, organizational and transformation tasks for flexible teams, business units, and entire organizations. As an entrepreneurial management consultancy and with more than 70 consultants in several countries, it achieves effective results and sustainable change.

Kickworkx, a service solution by nextworkx, focuses on transformation, innovation und employee-development. With the MATE – the Micro-Accelerator for Transformation and Employee development – organizations can test, evaluate and venture ideas within a few months to an out-on-the-market product or solution.

qibri is a B2B SaaS solution for best-practice-mining, which revolutionizes how companies handle and utilize guiding documents. With qibri, it provides clients’ employees with optimal orientation and guidance, make organizations a better place to work and significantly boost transformation initiatives and overall productivity.

Praktikum Project & Business Development

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